Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bill would fund energy efficiency loans for SC coop customers

Lawmakers pushing S.C. energy idea - Business -
- McClatchy Newspapers
"The measure would bring $70 million in low-interest loans over a decade to 700,000 households and businesses in South Carolina that use power distributed by 20 electric co-ops.
'This legislation will create jobs, save American businesses and families on their electric bill and reduce pollution,' Clyburn said.
Clyburn's aides said the measure would lead to the creation of 4,750 permanent jobs in South Carolina over a decade, 2,100 of them in the first year.
Customers would pay off the loans through monthly charges on their electric bills that the legislation's backers say would be more than offset by reduced power usage through installing insulation, double-paned windows, heat pumps and other energy-efficient products."

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