Wednesday, June 1, 2011

SCE&G wants rate increase - Local / Metro -

Warren Wise
"South Carolina Electric & Gas is requesting another rate increase to help pay for construction of two new nuclear units north of Columbia.
The Cayce-based utility has asked the S.C. Public Service Commission to approve an overall 2.7 percent increase that would take effect in October.
Rates for residential customers using 1,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per month would rise $3.58, or 2.83 percent, to $130.32.
Rates for small and medium commercial users would go up 2.67 percent, and for large commercial and industrial customers, 2.49 percent."

City nets $5 million in power plant deal - Local / Metro -

Adam Beam
"Lockhart Power, one of four investor-owned utilities in the state, pledged to spend $3.5 million upgrading the plant at the mouth of the Columbia Canal behind EdVenture and the State Museum. The renovations should be complete within 18 months, according to Bryan Stone, Lockhart’s chief operating officer.
Lockhart will operate the plant while Columbia sells the power back to SCE&G. Lockhart keeps 81 percent of the money while the city keeps 19 percent.
“The more (power) they make, the more they get and the more we keep,” Gantt said.
Columbia has owned the plant since 2002, when SCE&G passed it to Columbia as part of a deal that also transferred ownership of the metro Columbia bus system to the Central Midlands Regional Transit Authority. SCE&G continued to operate the plant, giving Columbia a $1 million credit yearly on its power bill, which the city then used to help pay for the bus system."

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Germany to Close All Nuclear Plants by 2022 -

Judy Dempsey and Jack Ewing
"BERLIN — The German government on Monday announced plans to shut all of the nation’s nuclear power plants within the next 11 years, a sharp reversal for Chancellor Angela Merkel after the Japanese disaster at Fukushima caused an electoral backlash by voters opposed to reliance on nuclear energy."

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