Saturday, May 21, 2011

Westinghouse Nuclear Reactor Design Flaw Is Found -

"Mr. Jaczko said the commission was asking Westinghouse not only to fix its calculations but also to explain why it submitted flawed information in the first place. Earlier this year the commission staff said it needed additional calculations from Westinghouse to confirm the strength of the AP1000’s shield building. The building has not been built; the analysis of its strength and safety is all computer based."

Friday, May 20, 2011

Half-Moon hitches its power to the sun - Business -

Kristy Eppley Rupon
A tree unlike any you’ve seen in South Carolina – and probably most of North America – sits in the parking lot of the new Half-Moon Outfitters on Devine Street.
Its trunk and limbs are steel, its roots are concrete and its leaves are large solar panels that will track the sun to help power the retailer’s new store at 2912 Devine St. when it opens in early June.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Water and Sewer Rates Could Nearly Double for Some Aiken County Residents | WJBF–TV

"That means a $36 bill for full-service water will turn into a more than $65 bill and a $39 bill for full service sewer customers will turn into a $44 bill.

“A far as the service, we’re pleased with it. I just don't know how their going to justify the increase,’ Bogovich said.

Carolina Water Service's Executive Director of Regulatory Accounting & Affairs, Steven Lubertozzi, says the company wants to increase the rates because the current rates are not sufficient to cover the company's operating costs as well as provide a 'fair return.'

Lubertozzi says, over the past 5 years, CWS has invested more than $10 million to upgrade waste water and water treatment facilities throughout South Carolina."

Duke Energy settles lawsuit for $30M | The Business Journal

"The $30 million will be used to pay additional benefits to about 20,000 current and former Duke employees and to pay legal fees. The fees cannot amount to more than $9 million for lawyers fees and $462,000 for other litigation expenses. The judge will make the final ruling on how much of the settlement goes to those fees."

Monday, May 16, 2011

Miffed S.C. regulators delay hearing on Duke Energy spending for Lee plant | Charlotte Business Journal

John Downey
"Commission Chairman Butch Howard allowed the attorneys in the hearing to make opening statements, and then read them the riot act. He said it was “totally inappropriate to present a settlement like this to the commission on the day of a hearing.” Commission rules generally require seven days' notice of any agreement."

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