Saturday, April 14, 2012

How Green Are Electric Cars? Depends on Where You Plug In -

Paul Stenquist, April 13, 2012
The U.C.S. report, which takes into account the full cycle of energy production, often called a well-to-wheels analysis, demonstrates that in areas where the electric utility relies on natural gas, nuclear, hydroelectric or renewable sources to power its generators, the potential for electric cars and plug-in hybrids to reduce carbon dioxide emissions is great. But where generators are powered by burning a high percentage of coal, electric cars may not be even as good as the latest gasoline models — and far short of the thriftiest hybrids.

Duke, Progress respond to regulators’ latest request - Economy -

David Bracken
Progress and Duke said FERC’s requests were common and “were technical and focused on the transmission-related models that Duke and Progress submitted as an exhibit to the March 26 revised mitigation plan. Many of our responses involved re-formatting data previously submitted to FERC as part of that filing.”

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Landline rules frustrate telecoms - The Washington Post

By , Published: April 12

More than 130 years after the first residential phone line was installed, telecom companies are pressing to be freed from the obligation of providing low-cost fixed-line telephone service to homes, a move critics say will leave Americans with less reliable or more expensive options.

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