Saturday, September 3, 2011

NC consumer advocate settles with Duke over proposed merger with Progress Energy - The Washington Post

Associated Press
"North Carolina’s chief consumer advocate for utility matters agreed not to oppose the merger in exchange for customer protections. A hearing in front of the state’s utility commission is scheduled for Sept. 20.


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Friday, September 2, 2011

4 S.C. reactors may need upgrades to better withstand quakes - Local / Metro -

Diana Capiello and Jeff Down
"The two North Anna reactors are among 27 in the eastern and central U.S. that a preliminary Nuclear Regulatory Commission review has said may need upgrades. That’s because those plants are more likely to get hit with an earthquake larger than the one their design was based on.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Solyndra, Solar Firm Aided by Federal Loans, Shuts Doors -

Matthew Wald
"The Energy Department, which approved the funding, said China’s subsidies to its solar industry were threatening the ability of Solyndra and other American manufacturers to compete. The price of a solar array, measured by cost per watt of capacity, has fallen 42 percent since December 2010, the agency said.

Two other American solar companies, Evergreen Solar and SpectraWatt, also sought bankruptcy protection in August, and both said competition from Chinese companies had contributed to their financial problems."

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Route for huge, new power lines draws fire

  " Local leaders are questioning the six-mile path SCE&G has identified for huge new power lines it wants to run through Northeast Richland.
   The state Public Service Commission holds a hearing Oct. 20 on the proposed route, which runs from Blythewood 
to near the intersection of Hard Scrabble Road and Farrow Road.
   Jerry Lindler, SCE&G’s manager of electric transmission and construction, said Tuesday the company plans to start replacing major transmission 
lines in January as it prepares for two nuclear reactors it wants to build in Fair-field County. Most of the 37 miles of power lines extending from the reactors will run 
along existing rights-of-way.
   But the six miles of new lines have caught the attention of both the Richland County Conservation Commission, which says the overhead lines would run too near homes planned at Killian Road and the new tournament park being developed along Hard Scrabble Road; and Blythewood Town Council, which has concerns about the effect of unsightly, 95-foot power lines on planned beautification projects. Current lines are 80 feet tall.
   The conservation commission is asking County Council to intervene in the case, meaning it could submit testimony. The deadline to sign up is Sept. 19."

Justice Dept sues to block AT&T, T-Mobile merger as likely to raise prices, reduce competition - The Washington Post

Associated Press
"The government contends that the acquisition of the No. 4 wireless carrier in the country by No. 2 AT&T would reduce competition and that would lead to price increases.


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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tree trimming to resume soon - Local / Metro -

Dawn Hinshaw
"Smith said as he was hearing from residents last month about trees being “butchered,” legislators from around the state contacted him to say their constituents had the same complaints. The only alternative, Smith said, could be a new state law on utility tree-trimming.

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