Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Water and Sewer Rates Could Nearly Double for Some Aiken County Residents | WJBF–TV

"That means a $36 bill for full-service water will turn into a more than $65 bill and a $39 bill for full service sewer customers will turn into a $44 bill.

“A far as the service, we’re pleased with it. I just don't know how their going to justify the increase,’ Bogovich said.

Carolina Water Service's Executive Director of Regulatory Accounting & Affairs, Steven Lubertozzi, says the company wants to increase the rates because the current rates are not sufficient to cover the company's operating costs as well as provide a 'fair return.'

Lubertozzi says, over the past 5 years, CWS has invested more than $10 million to upgrade waste water and water treatment facilities throughout South Carolina."

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