Friday, June 18, 2010

Ethics Commission dismisses complaints against Edgar and Argenziano

Ethics Commission dismisses complaints against Edgar and Argenziano:

 "The Florida Commission on Ethics quietly released a press release today clearing Public Service Commission Lisa Edgar, and her aide Roberta Bass, for a second time, on ethics charges of engaging in ex parte communications with FPL lobbyist Ken Hoffman
."But Commissioner Nathan Skop, who has consistently accused Edgar of violating the ex parte rules when she allowed Bass to transmit a message to her from Hoffman, was unhappy with the ruling. He issued this statement:
"The ruling of the Ethics commission is immaterial to the inappropriateness of Commissioner Edgar's conduct. Under this absurd ruling, it is apparently okay for a commissioner to have a secret communication with FPL while sitting on the bench hearing the case instead of requiring FPL to state their concern publicly on the record.''


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