Thursday, May 9, 2013

TEGA CAY: State regulators demand action in wake of Tega Cay sewer spills | Local News | Rock Hill Herald Online

— In the wake of recent sewage spills, state regulators on Wednesday asked the state Public Service Commission to order Tega Cay Water Service to take “immediate steps” to improve water and sewer service to customers. ...
Tom Oakley, chief of staff for the CEO of Utilities Inc., the parent company of Tega Cay Water Service, sent a letter to customers on Tuesday promising improvements.
“We are going to figure out why we continue to have sewer overflows during significant rain events, despite two years of work on this issue,” he wrote.
Oakley said that the system has been “tightened up significantly,” yet “seems to be getting worse.”
“We are committed to stopping all sewer overflows as soon as possible, whatever it takes,” Oakley wrote. “We can understand how frustrated you, as homeowners, must be.”

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